Border Deal Is Reportedly Close, And Trump’s Supporters Are Going To Be Furious With Him

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Donald Trump has broken so many promises to his supporters, it’s amazing that he actually believes he has a chance at re-election in 2020. And one of his biggest promises – one of the several he built his presidential campaign on – looks as though it’s falling apart as we speak.

According to a new report, it looks as though Trump’s pathetic border wall is NOT going to happen. A report by the Washington Examiner states that the House and Senate are close to reaching a border security deal, and that Trump might actually go for it despite the fact that it won’t include the funding he wants for his precious border wall.

The report states that Senate Appropriations Committee Chairman Richard Shelby (R-AL) recently said there were “serious negotiations” for a deal that would include funding for security technology, more border patrol agents, and expansions of area fencing. That’s right – Trump’s “wall” is about to become a tiny fence. I can’t think of anything more embarrassing for his presidency than this, especially considering he recently shut the government down over the wall.


While Trump hasn’t agreed to the border deal yet, Shelby hinted that Trump might go for it. He said:

It was the most positive meeting I’ve had with him regarding numbers. He seemed to be very reasonable and, I thought, urging us to get a legislative conclusion to that. He’s being very reasonable but I can’t get into the details.”

This is truly going to be devastating to Trump supporters throughout America, who have become rabid when it comes to immigration and let their racist flags fly. If Trump accepts this, he might as well consider his presidency over, and yet he has so few options now that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has him wrapped around her finger.

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