After Trump Calls George Conway “A Loser,” Letter Trump Wrote Him Emerges Praising His Legal Skills

We wish we could see Trump's face after this!

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George Conway has been a proud critic of Donald Trump since the very beginning of this mess we call a presidential term, even going so far as to question Donald’s mental health (because don’t we all?) in the last few days. It really makes us wonder how long he’s been sleeping on the couch in the Conway house. But we digress.

This morning, Trump was a wee bit butthurt at the things that George has had to say about him. So, in a petty attempt to make a dig at his counselor’s husband, he retweeted a tweet accusing George Conway of being jealous of his wife for her success and claiming that POTUS “doesn’t even know him.” Trump even attached his own super-mature comment of “A total loser!” to the retweet.

But as it turns out, Donnie hasn’t always felt that way about George Conway. In fact, he used to straight up love the guy. Just an hour after Trump made his profound profession about his feelings on George, the Washington Post published a personal letter from Donnie to none other than Conway himself — praising him for his voice and legal skills.


Back in 2006, Conway assisted Trump with a dispute at Trump World Tower in New York. After George saved his ass, Donald penned him a letter conveying his gratitude:

“I wanted to thank you for your wonderful assistance in ridding Trump World Tower of some very bad people,” Trump wrote. “What I was most impressed with was how quickly you were able to comprehend a very bad situation. In any event, the building has now been normalized, and the employees are no longer doing menial tasks, etc. for our former Board Members.”

He then added a cute little note at the bottom saying, “PS—And, you have a truly great voice, certainly not a bad asset for a top trial lawyer!”

This goes to show that Trump literally just hates everyone that doesn’t chapstick up Mike Pence style and get to kissing his ass. We sure bet this will be nice and embarrassing nonetheless, though.

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