Famous Watergate Reporter: Mueller’s Draft Report Will Reveal Trump Helped Russia “Destabilize The US”

The 'very stable genius' appears to have been fostering instability all along.

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Being an information outlet ourselves, you’ll never find bigger fans of investigative reporting than those of us here at DC Tribune. And since almost anything of any kind of importance that’s occurred during the Trump presidency was only ever uncovered by people talking to “sources close to the situation,” we’ve become accustomed to relying on journalists who pride themselves on connecting dots, talking to the right people, and triple checking before they publish.

Literally, no one ever in the history of reporting has been better at that than Carl Bernstein. Along with his partner Bob Woodward, whose current work we’re also still enjoying thank you very much, Bernstein dismantled the lies of a presidency that was at the time unlike anything Americans could even process — unprecedented corruption, deceit, intrigue, and subterfuge.

This presidency, however, makes Nixon’s look like a day at the beach.


Sitting down with CNN’s Brian Stelter, Bernstein detailed what Mueller’s final report would include — according to not just so-called “insiders,” but actual lawyers involved in the actual investigation — and why so much of it deals directly with Russia specifically.

This is about the most serious counterintelligence people we have in the U.S. government saying, ‘Oh, my God, the president’s words and actions lead us to conclude that somehow he has become a witting, unwitting, or half-witting pawn, certainly in some regards, to Vladimir Putin … He has done what appears to be Putin’s goals. He has helped Putin destabilize the United States and interfere in the election, no matter whether it was purposeful or not. And that is part of what the draft of Mueller’s report, I’m told, is to be about. We know there has been collusion by Flynn. We know there has been collusion of some sort by Manafort. The question is, yes, what did the president know and when did he know it?”

Watch the exchange below:

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