Canada Responds To Trump’s Trade Insults, Relationship With US Will Never Be The Same

Trump's about to learn this lesson the hard way — and America will suffer for it.

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Donald Trump f*cked up big time by making off-the-record comments in which he insulted Canada and bragged about how he was dominating our ally on trade. Not only have his comments leaked and reached viral proportions, but the president also had a very public meltdown over the fact that Canada was now aware of his true feelings. But just wait until he sees the true consequences of his insults.

Canada has just responded to Trump’s barbs, and it couldn’t be more clear that his idiocy is going to screw America over once again. Jerry Dias, head of Canada’s largest private sector union Unifor, gave a CNBC interview following Trump’s leaked insults and sent Trump a brutal warning in the process. Dias railed against Trump and said that his approach “doesn’t make a stitch of sense.” Dias also doubled down, insulting the unhinged POTUS on the proposals Trump put forth and said:

It’s decision time. Do we sign a bad deal, or do we not sign a deal at all.”

Dias also reminded Trump that he’s screwing over his own country. While Dias said that “a 25 percent tariff would be devastating” to have on cars, it’s going to be devastating for American workers, too. Dias sent this warning:


U.S. workers will suffer massively. Why? Because 60 percent of all parts that go into Canadian assembled vehicles come from the United States. The number one export market for vehicles from the United States is Canada. Why Donald Trump would shoot himself in the foot and more importantly American workers doesn’t make any sense.”

Once again, Trump looks like a complete idiot who has no idea what he’s doing. Dias also called Trump’s tariff threats “foolish for Americans, bad for American jobs, bad for American consumers.” Reminding everyone about Trump’s trade dispute on Canadian lumber, Dias said:

Clearly, Donald Trump may be the only person that thinks this makes sense. All that’s done is drive up the cost of new homes in the United States thousands and thousands of dollars. Canadian workers haven’t been negatively impacted, the only people negatively impacted are American consumers. Why the Trump administration would penalize his own citizens, once again, doesn’t make any economic sense.”

Dias’ main point was that no one is going to bow down to Trump, no matter what he thinks. Dias said:

The auto industry is not going to get pushed around. They’re not going to accept a flawed business model to appease Donald Trump. Nobody is going to invest billions of dollars in Canada and walk away from those investments without a fight.”

Trump is about to learn what happens when he runs his mouth. Unfortunately, he’s not smart enough to learn anything from this.

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