Yale Psychiatrist Issues Grave Warning To Americans, Trump’s Mental Health Is A “National And Global Emergency”

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Donald Trump’s mental health has been a cause for great concern since the moment he set foot in the White House. Dozens of mental health professionals have speculated about everything from dementia to all-out psychosis. But Dr. Bandy Lee, professor of psychiatry at the Yale School of Medicine and editor of the bestselling book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” went a step further in her evaluation of our current president and put together a panel of leading mental health experts to assess Donald’s mental well-being based on the findings outlined in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report — and it is not good.

After the panel completed their assessment of Donald’s behavior in the 448 pages of Mueller’s investigation report, they unanimously came to one conclusion — Donald Trump is a mentally unfit threat to this country and should have his powers severely restricted, effective immediately.

Lee has received, along with her other mental health professional colleagues, an invitation from several Democratic members of Congress to present their findings of the state of Donald Trump’s mental health at what they hope to be a bipartisan congressional meeting in Washington next month — with hopes that it will sway members of the government to take action against what will surely be a detriment to our country if something is not done.


Chauncey DeVega, of Salon.com, sat down for an interview with Dr. Lee and dove into her professional opinions and evaluations of the president. You can read the full interview here. But we believe the most important takeaway from Lee’s discussion is this:

[If his behavior continues along this path] the American people will be in far greater danger. With Donald Trump, there will be unacceptable levels of danger of him either destroying the United States or perhaps even human civilization. Donald Trump is a national emergency. That should be the No. 1 priority at this time. The American people and the country’s leaders are not treating this dire situation with the attention it demands. The fact that this is not being treated as a national and global emergency is the greatest sign of danger.”

This is serious, folks. And it should not be taken lightly. If this is allowed to continue, Donald Trump is on the fast track to destroying us all.

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