Write for DC Tribune

DC Tribune is part of a consortium of sites that collectively do more than 10 million page views a month, focusing on high-quality reporting, analysis, opinion, and truth. We publish up-to-the-minute news on politics and occasionally a look back at past events when they fit the context of today.

Based in Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Seattle — and with freelance team members around the United States — our team brings the experience of years of news analysis in a format that is most comfortable for readers who don’t expect to be tiptoed around the way many outlets do.

We are looking for talented writers who write about the following:

  • Liberal and progressive politics
  • Current events
  • Congressional and legislative news
  • Backwards Republican policy
  • Economic, racial and social justice in the age of Trump
  • Geopolitics under Trump-style “diplomacy”
  • Immigration reform and the rise of racism since 2016
  • Other news of interest to American liberals and progressives

Knowledge of WordPress or ability to learn WordPress on your own time is required. Flawless grammar and spelling is required.  We are only looking for fresh content and have no interest in republishing pieces from personal blogs or other sources.

We hire freelance writers as 1099 contractors. As freelances, you write on your own time and pick your own subjects. Story submissions will require approval by the editorial team. We’re looking for regular contributors and for writers who do this for a living (not someone who is looking to make a little extra cash).

That said, DC Tribune isn’t a get rich quick site. How much money you make depends on:

  • How often you write
  • How carefully you select story ideas, featured images, and headlines
  • How well you promote your articles

We promote for you on our very large social network (millions of fans), but any promotion beyond that is your responsibility. We do provide tips and recommendations. If you have access to a big Facebook page or Twitter account, you can quickly grow your views and your own personal fan-base.

We have a huge platform and a long track record of success.

If you are interested and wish to apply, please send 1) your resume and 2) a journalistic writing sample to [email protected] with the subject ‘Freelance Application’ and we will review your application and respond in due course. If you have any questions about the position or our organization, please email us at the same address. Thank you.

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