Watch As Presidential Motorcade Forced To Pass Road Lined With Protesters On The Way To Trump’s Golf Club Today

Now he HAS to see them.

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We get that Trump is going to have to deal with protests everywhere he goes. We like it, in fact. He should have protesters in his goddamn refrigerator, as far as I’m concerned. If an angry mob followed him from event to event, speech to speech, big enough that he couldn’t just have them escorted away, we’d probably have already been rid of this asshole a year ago.

But that’s not possible, unfortunately, so we just have to rely on folks to get as creative and close as possible, so that he both has to see it and will remember it.

That’s why today’s protest is so impressive. There’s always a “reason” to protest Trump: He’s a walking, talking dumpster fire and a jerk. But today he went golfing, and yeah, he always goes golfing — he has far more than any other president, ever — but it feels extra shitty right now, since he just started a new war in the Middle East and also is being impeached for seeking foreign assistance against a political opponent.


Like, golf is what you’re thinking of right now?

But okay, if you’re gonna golf, the list of places is pretty narrow, so you could literally expect an appearance by protesters at any of his resorts — or at least, somewhere along the way to them. And his schedule is posted on the internet, so you can just check if it’s in your area, then meet up with other protesters.

This time, however, the anti-Trump club got closer than I’ve ever seen them, and you can actually watch a video of the presidential motorcade as he passes by them. Most times you just kind of cross your fingers and hope that Trump’s caravan doesn’t just take some unknown path to where he’s going, missing your protest entirely. No, these guys are lining the road to Trump National Golf Club — the only way in.

Congrats, guys. This is epic trolling, and I love the rat at the end!

Featured image via screen capture

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