University Of Florida Students Protest Against Trump Jr.’s Visit To The School

They hate you almost as much as they hate your daddy.

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Donald Trump knows that his 2020 reelection chances are slipping away from him — he likely won’t even be seeing the 2020 election from a presidential standpoint, considering House Dems are currently steamrolling his impeachment proceedings after he thought it’d be a good idea to get real shady with Ukraine.

But as he still seems to be at least a little confident in his chances to live it up in the White House past the Christmas season and he’s working double-time to ensure that all of his little cronies and blind supporters stick around with him. Because even he knows that his presidency is essentially worthless if he doesn’t have a trove of equally corrupt fuckwits all across the nation to continue doing his bidding, as well. As badly as he wants to be, he’s just no Kim Jong Un.

And it appears that his focus lately is landing on those swing states that just can’t quite decide for sure if they’d like to roll him down a long hill in a locked port-a-potty or not.


However, Donnie’s never been a fan of doing his own dirty work — that’s what he had kids for, right?

As a result, Trump has his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr. — as well as Jr.’s girlfriend and senior advisor for Trump’s reelection campaign, Kimberly Guilfoyle — heading on down to the University of Florida in an attempt to convince the swing state to stick with him should he actually make it to the 2020 election.

But when tickets for the event came up for grabs, Floridians were quick to show the Trump crew what the other side of that swing truly meant — with a protest of the event dubbed “#CHOMPTRUMP.”

The event, which was booked by ACCENT, a branch of the UF student government, was met with some less than joyous reactions from University students.

“ACCENT’s excuse is that Trump Jr. is going to be speaking about entrepreneurship when in reality, what has he really done except get handouts from his father?” one student protester, Evely Graham stated as quoted by WUFT.

UF chapter of Students for Justice in Palestine president Laila Fakhoury expressed her disdain at the fact that Jr.’s event was being footed by student fees while a recent appearance by Democratic Michigan Rep. Rashida Tlaib wasn’t.

“UF gave us no funding to host such a valuable event,” WUFT quoted Fakhoury saying. “UF didn’t spend money to secure us even though Rashida constantly has targets and threats surrounding her life.”

Yet another student protester, William Klein agreed with Fakhoury, claiming that he was not only protesting Jr.’s “hateful rhetoric” but the fact that the event would be funded by student fees, as well.

“For the university to hand Trump Jr. a $50,000 check while his father is running for reelection shows so many ethical concerns that really have nothing to do with free speech,” Klein stated to WUFT.

It seems that Trump’s swing state may very well be swinging in the wrong direction for him. And honestly, we’re here for it.

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