Twitter Users Respond To Eric Trump’s Complaints On TV About How His Father Is Treated: “This Guy Is A Dope”

Eric Trump needs a diaper and a nap. STAT.

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Donald Trump has finally found himself on the fast track to impeachment — for real this time — after a whistleblower busted him for a shady call with Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

It took long enough, and God knows he got away with plenty of horrible, awful shit before we got to this point, but here we are. Finally.

And the Trump family as a whole is not taking it well at all.


Donald has been effectively losing his damn mind all over Twitter and in every public speaking engagement he can get away with since the moment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi opened her mouth on national television to let him know that, despite what he seems to believe, he is not above the law.

Melania seems to be talking the denial route herself, completely ignoring the massive scandal that her husband has wrapped her up in and instead tweeting out nonsense about tennis courts as if she’s going to be living in the White House past Christmas.

Ivanka has been rather quiet, taking to her Twitter to randomly express vague appreciation for her daddy, no doubt to ensure she doesn’t lose her allowance while Don Jr. seems to have taken to attacks and smears against Hillary Clinton once again — because why not, right?

But “Dumbest Trump” Eric is big mad and he wants EVERYBODY to know about it. Or, at least, everybody who still watches Fox News.

The middle Trump son recently sat down with Fox News to whine about how mistreated his daddy is, claiming, “[Democrats] have been trying to impeach my father since before he took office.”

“I’ve never seen dirtiness like this in my life,” Eric claimed because he’s evidently never looked in a mirror before. “I’ve never seen corruption. They’ve been trying to impeach my father since before he even took office. After he won the election.”

The rest of the interview went pretty much exactly the same — a whole bunch of cry babying from the dude who’s worried he’ll lose his trust fund once daddy is in prison.

To say the least, users who caught the video on Twitter didn’t have much sympathy for the Trump heir or his daddy’s perceived “mistreatment”:

You can watch the clip of Eric’s pity party here:

Featured image via screen capture

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