Trump’s Plans For 2020 Unravel As Swing Voters Abandon Him In Droves, Call Him “Dirty Crook”

Things do not look good for Donnie!

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Donald Trump was so sure he was getting a second term and following in the footsteps of former president Barack Obama that he began his re-election campaign as soon as he began his first term — despite having abysmal approval ratings and having won by an unrepresentative electoral process.

Now two years into his failing presidency, Trump still seems to think he has a chance even as negative media coverage of him multiplies and his fan base shrinks. Trump may not see it, but the evidence is all there — the pool of voters that Trump can rely on is dwindling every day, and while he might have been able to fool swing voters the first time, they sure as hell aren’t making that mistake again.

Swing voters in Wisconsin are now speaking up against the president. In a state that was critical for Trump’s 2016 election win, this couldn’t be worse news for the POTUS in denial. But it turns out, these voters are tired of Trump and his lies.


Trump hadn’t won Wisconsin by too many votes, and many of those voters had previously cast ballots for Obama. The people who voted for Trump over Hillary Clinton are now publicly voicing their regrets. According to Axios, these swing voters are saying things like:

I think he’s a dirty crook that lies, cheats, and steals when he can. There’s just a plethora of things that are still coming out.”

Many other swing voters have said that Trump’s personality flaws carry more weight than his low employment numbers and the strong economy. Another voter said:

He’s been caught in a lot of lies. You know, just admit that you made a mistake and say ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that.’”

Another voter who stated they would be likely voting differently in the next election had this to say:

He’s done a lot for jobs and the economy, but I’m all about the way people treat people, and if you’re going to be a jerk, then you kind of don’t need to be the face of America.”

Slowly, it seems like America is starting to wake up and remember that Trump is not what America stands for. Unless he does something drastic (which he won’t), Trump can kiss 2020 goodbye.

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