Trump’s Mental Decline Seems Worse Than Ever After He Gives Incoherent Answer To Whether He Should Be On Mt. Rushmore

He doesn't even make any sense!

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Donald Trump recently sat down for an exclusive interview with The Hill, and as expected, this one went just as far off the rails as all of the rest of them do — each time leaving Trump looking a little more crazy and deranged than the last.

During the interview, Trump was asked whether he thought he deserved to be sculpted into the side of Mount Rushmore alongside the major presidents whose likeness already exists there.

And of course, in true Trump fashion, his reply was completely nonsensical and incoherent.


He started off trying really hard to just answer the question, replying “If I answer that question yes, I will end up with such bad publicity.”

But ultimately, he just couldn’t hold out and ended up going on a really strange rant about fireworks displays at Mount Rushmore.

“Well, look, I have a lot of respect; even Mount Rushmore; so for many, many years they got, they had fireworks, right?” Trump began. “Many, many years. And [Gov. Kristi Noem], your new governor, she’s a great person. She called, she said, sir, for many years we had tremendous fireworks on the 4th of July. We don’t have it anymore. Can you do something? And I got it approved. Starting, next season, it was not easy, starting next season, Mount Rushmore will have tremendous fireworks like they had for many years. But they ended it a long time ago, but they didn’t want, but they didn’t have fireworks because of, I don’t know, I think they thought, thought the stone was gonna catch on fire.”

What fireworks have to do with his big, orange head being carved into the monument, we will never know. But the fireworks display were actually stopped in early 2010 due to high temperatures and pine beetle infestations increasing the likelihood of massive forest fires in the surrounding areas.

South Dakota hopes to soon have the displays once again according to the Argus Leader, as “the forest has revitalized” over time and “pyrotechnic advancements have allowed for a safe fireworks display.”

Why does he always spout off about things that he is completely uneducated about? Does he have absolutely no clue how ignorant and idiotic he’s making himself look?

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