Trump’s Daughter In Law Just Went On TV To Defend POTUS On Syria, Claims “The Average American” Doesn’t Even Know Who Kurds Are

This is just plain gross.

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In an interview with Fox News on Monday evening, Trump campaign surrogate and presidential daughter in law Lara Trump told Fox News At Night host Shannon Bream that Americans essentially couldn’t care less about the President’s betrayal of the Kurds in Syria, who until this week had an autonomous zone in which they lived — decimated by Turkish warplanes given a thumbs up by Donald Trump.

Bream asked the Trump campaign advisor to respond to a report from the New York Times entitled “Trump Followed His Gut on Syria. Calamity Came Fast.” In it, journalist David Sanger wrote that the President’s cavalier and self-serving phone call on the fate of the Kurds in Syria had “in only one week’s time turned into a bloody carnage, forced the abandonment of a successful five-year-long American project to keep the peace on a volatile border, and given an unanticipated victory to four American adversaries: Russia, Iran, the Syrian government and the Islamic State.”

The statement is correct: Russia has already celebrated its victory in suppressing the forces that had been allying with the United States against ISIS, Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad has already accepted the Kurds’ pleas for help, Iran gets an opening into dealings in an area that was previously inaccessible to them, and ISIS is practically reborn anew, a tenth of the ISIS fighters held in prison camps in northeastern Syria already having escaped in the previously Kurdish-controlled territory.


In brief, the situation could not be more dire.

Lara Trump didn’t seem to think so:

I think we should start with the fact that if you ask the average American out there, I think they would have to Google ‘Who are the Kurds, and why is America even over there fighting this war? We were supposed to be there for 30 days, we’ve been there for 10 years, and when the President campaigned in 2016, he was very clear that he wanted to stop all of these endless wars, that he wanted to bring our troops back home.”

That, of course, is a bogus explanation. If Trump actually wanted to bring troops home and end conflicts, he wouldn’t have vetoed the bipartisan legislation earlier this year that would have ended the US involvement in the war in Yemen, and he wouldn’t have sent more troops into Saudi Arabia, a nation that doesn’t need our help to begin with and which produced 15 of the 19 hijackers that determined the lion’s share of our foreign policy in the Middle East over the last two decades.

But aside from it being a lie, it’s disgusting. The idea that people are sitting at home disinterested just because the TRUMPS are sitting at home disinterested is offensive in the extreme.

Watch the exchange here:

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