Trump Trying To Change Eligibility Requirements Which Could Cause Half Million Kids To Lose Free Lunches

This should do WONDERS for his image.

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Fresh off a federal judge’s ruling that barred the Trump administration from implementing a policy that would have denied immigrant visas to applicants who were “likely” to accept government assistance in housing, food, or temporary financial help that they were eligible for, the President has been on the hunt for another way to screw over the poor and underserved right here at home.

That’s the only conclusion I can come up with as to why his policy proposal, a revision to SNAP [supplemental nutrition assistance program] categorical eligibility requirements, can be so blatantly anti-poor and yet not stir the kind of radical resentment among members of Congress that you might see if he, say, increased taxes on the super-rich by half a percent or stopped buying warplanes that don’t work and the Pentagon doesn’t want.

I guess that’s why he’s not doing those things but IS proposing the SNAP rule that would boot a half-million kids out of the free lunch program.


If that sounds gross to you, it’s because it is: Currently, children whose families qualify for EBT cards or “food stamps” through SNAP can automatically get free lunches and breakfasts at schools that serve both, or just lunches at schools that serve only lunch. The new rules would move income level requirements to qualify for SNAP down so low that families need to essentially be destitute in order to get the benefits — some 3 million people will lose their benefits, a third of whom are children.

Less than half of those children whose families lost their SNAP benefits would still be eligible for free lunches, though they would now have to fill out an application to find out. Half a million kids would lose their free lunches and either have to pay full price or for the first time likely in their lives, pay the reduced prices that the less poor (but still poor) children pay.

The USDA says that this would save $90 million annually, or about 4 of the 50 B61 nuclear bombs the United States was forced to abandon in Turkey after Trump greenlit the invasion of northern Syria. Of course, it will also increase costs at hospitals across the country and costs for food banks nationwide as children go hungry.

It’s hard work, but someone has to be the worst person in the world, and Trump is doing his level best.

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