Trump Takes To Twitter On Sunday Afternoon To Respond To Mueller Findings, Declares Himself “Exonerated”

Trump may be jumping the gun on his victory lap.

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Attorney General Bill Barr has just released a summary of his findings regarding the Mueller report, and lo and behold — Donald Trump is already taking to Twitter to claim that he’s been completely “exonerated” and this whole thing was just a “witch hunt” because people don’t like him. Except, he’s not been exonerated and that is, in fact, the exact opposite of what Mueller’s report or Attorney General Barr’s summary stated.

In fact, according to reports and the letter sent by Barr, in regards to obstruction, Mueller’s report “does not conclude the president committed a crime [but] it also does not exonerate him.” The details are still murky according to the Mueller report when it comes to obstruction. Ultimately, it was not Mueller’s decision to indict on this evidence, and Attorney General Barr chose to follow the Justice Department precedent that a sitting president cannot be indicted.

But nevertheless, the details of Mueller’s report, as well as Barr’s summary, say the exact opposite of what Trump is tweeting. Literally. Trump is harping about total exoneration when the reports actually, literally, seriously say that they were unable to exonerate him on obstruction.


Not to mention the fact that several other entities are far from finished with Trump and his cronies. In fact, there is speculation that Mueller concluded the report in the fashion that he did to clear the path for other institutions, such as the Southern District of New York, to bring Trump and his family/associates up on charges that Trump will not be able to pardon and aren’t subject to the DOJ’s rule for indictment.

Of course, we expected Donnie to do what he does best and open that fat mouth, screaming “witch hunt” the moment he thought he was clear — and he didn’t disappoint. His premature celebration will only make the final results that much sweeter.

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