Trump Has Spiraled So Far Out Of Control That Nancy Pelosi Has Now Asked His Family To Stage An Intervention

Someone has to do something!

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The state of Donald Trump’s mental health has been a topic of concern for quite some time now. But after Trump’s multiple outbursts over the course of the last two days, resulting merely from an accusation of being involved in a cover-up, it’s becoming increasingly clear that something has to be done, and soon.

As the recipient of Trump’s tantrum yesterday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is calling on those closest to Donald Trump to step in and stage an “intervention” before he burns this country to the ground.

Speaker Pelosi stated:


“I thought we could give him the opportunity to make a historic contribution to safety because it’s a safety measure. It’s the best commerce, best safety, best mobility product to market and in addition clean air, clean water. A better future for our country, much needed, billions, trillions of dollars in deficit in terms of well or no maintenance. It’s never been partisan. We don’t want it to be partisan now, but I can only think he wasn’t up to the task of figuring out the difficult choices how to cover the cost of what the important infrastructure legislation, that we had talked about three weeks before.

So — so, but the president, again, stormed out. And I think, first — pound the table. Walk out the door. Next time, have the TV cameras in there when ‘I had my say.’ That didn’t work for him either. Now this time, another temper tantrum — again — I pray for the President Of The United States. I wish him and his family, his administration and staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.”

Pelosi has been careful in her dialogue about the president so far, but it appears that after personally being the victim of one of his many outbursts, her concerns for the well being of this country as well as the mental well being of our president has encouraged her to forgo her typical etiquette and up the ante when it comes to the safety of the American people.

You can watch the clip here:

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