Trump Caught Off Guard In Photograph Reveals What A “Young And Vibrant” Stable Genius He Really Is

That's, uh... Not what 'young and vibrant' looks like, Donnie.

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It’s been apparent for a long time — long before he ever thought about running for the presidency, in fact — that Donald J. Trump lives in a world of his own.

I don’t just mean the world that rich people live in, where rules that apply to the plebs don’t apply to them, where on any given day they might walk into a restaurant and have a young couple booted from their table in order to accommodate a VIP, or make their personal assistants do something humiliating that they’d never consider doing themselves.

What I mean is that Trump is clearly one of those people that no one ever took aside in their youth and said to them, “That’s actually totally unacceptable behavior in polite society.” It’s more than obvious that Donnie, as he has done with his own children, was only ever told that he was perfect and wonderful and could do no wrong.


That’s the only way you end up with the kind of egomaniac that believes they can just tell people their 290-pound ass weighs 239 and that they’re 3 inches taller than they actually are, and expect anyone to believe them. Put differently, I guarantee Donald Trump told at least a few dozen people when he was a teenager that he was a black belt in something, and he never had to prove it one way or the other, because he never had to worry about being challenged to a fight.

It’s why he thinks he can troll America by calling himself a “stable genius” after his meltdown in a meeting with Senator Schumer and Speaker Pelosi.

That’s why, when Trump was asked by a reporter on the White House lawn just a few weeks ago how old was “too old” to be President, his answer elicited only stifled laughs from those in attendance. “I’m so young. I can’t believe it, I am the youngest person — I am a young, vibrant man,” he told the incredulous onlookers.

The internet wasn’t having it.

Some commented on the fact that Trump can’t seem to do much without a vehicular assist, like that time he took his entire motorcade across the street for dinner, or the countless examples we’ve heard of him refusing to walk on a golf course:

Mostly, however, people just posted pictures that prove the opposite of the “young and vibrant” theory:

The last one, however — a candid from inside Mar-a-Lago — really captures the essence of a man who has no idea what he looks like to others:

Perhaps when Trump leaves office, it will be with the ignominy of having been proven a fraud all along. And maybe on that day, one of Trump’s assistants will take the blankets off all the mirrors in his home.

Featured image via screen capture

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