Trump Busted In Latest Lie, Uses Old Video To Pretend There Is New Construction Of The Wall

He really does think everyone — or at least his base — are idiots.

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Just a few hours ago — I note this to record just how recently your President thought you were an idiot — Donald Trump retweeted his own tweet from yesterday that included video of construction along the southern border:

The original tweet with the video purported to describe what you were seeing, complete with a hashtag used by Trump fans who are fooled by the President’s constant lying about being in the process of building the wall.:


We have just built this powerful Wall in New Mexico. Completed on January 30, 2019 – 47 days ahead of schedule! Many miles more now under construction! #FinishTheWall”

But like so many sentences that come from Donald Trump’s tweets, this one is entirely constructed of things that are untrue. That’s what struck MSNBC Host Brian Williams during Wednesday night’s airing of his 11th Hour program.

It looked official. After all, it was sent out by the President of the United States.”

Williams even pointed out that the logo for the US Army Corps of Engineers might make some people believe the claim even more deeply. But then he told his audience what an affiliate station in New Mexico had to say about the President’s tweet:

Our TV station out in Albuquerque, KOB Television, immediately recognized the video from Santa Teresa, New Mexico, and set us straight. They said, ‘It’s replacement of existing fencing, authorized by Congress back in 2017, and not The Wall,’ as we’ve come to know it.”

Perhaps Trump is a little touchy about the subject after just having lost such an epic battle over wall funding, only to be forced into signing a bill that specifically authorizes zero money for construction of a wall, then signing an executive order that was almost immediately the subject of numerous lawsuits which the administration will lose.

Despite the President’s constant claims to the contrary, there is absolutely no new construction of the wall underway or even scheduled.

Watch the Williams clip here:

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