Trump Appears Confused During Speech, Seems To Think Minneapolis Is A State

This is getting bad. Really, really bad.

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Guys, Trump’s impending impeachment is getting to him in a bad kind of way. Whether his cheese is finally just sliding all the way off his cracker or his just been doubling and tripling up on his Adderall doses in an attempt to deal with the stress of it all — the dude is losing it.

The manic nonsense, as expected, started rolling in pretty much the moment House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on live television that Donald Trump isn’t above the law and she, along with her fellow House Dems, would be making sure that he was aware of that.

It started with the unhinged Twitter meltdowns that we all knew would be coming and has effectively gone downhill since.


It seems as though every time Donald gets an opportunity to speak in public he just makes an even bigger ass out of himself with deranged attacks against whomever he happens to be thinking of at the moment.

But today, while addressing a crowd before heading to Minneapolis for him impending rally, the state of Trump’s mental health appeared to go from bad to much, much worse.

This time, he didn’t even launch into attacks against Dems or the House Speaker, or even attempt to claim that he was the innocent victim of a “witch hunt.”

He was just downright confused, guys.

During the address, Donald attempted to than the Minneapolis police department, but ended up seriously mispronouncing the name of the city — with it coming out more like “Minneaonapolis.”

Then, in essentially the same breath, he went on to seemingly refer to the city of Minneapolis as a state.

“Tomorrow we have a tremendous amount of people who plan to go, I know the requests have been incredible,” Trump stated. “So I think, uh, it’s a great state and we’re gonna have a lot of fun tomorrow night.”

And it wasn’t just his language blunders that were so noticeable in the speech, either. His speech sounded rather slow compared to normal, nearly slurring at some points.

We’re not sure what’s going on with him — but it’s pretty clear he’s falling apart.

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