Rudy Giuliani’s Estranged Wife Breaks Silence On Trump’s Influence Over Former Husband

Let's just say that Rudy would not want this to get out.

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Donald Trump and his moronic lawyer, former mayor Rudy Giuliani, already have loads in common. They’re both unhinged liars and egomaniacs, desperate for any sort of media attention they can get, and they both can’t stop from making themselves look even worse every time they speak! But now they have something else to bond over – the fact that women from their past are coming forward to trash them.

Trump is already experienced enough with this, having been ruined by Stormy Daniels and several other women that Trump has either had affairs with or sexually assaulted. Now, Giuliani can share his pain. Recently, the Trump attorney’s estranged wife came forward in a tell-all interview, explaining exactly how the man she once knew turned into the Trump-loving monster he is today. Judith Giuliani told New York Magazine:

The man that he is now is absolutely not the man he was when I married him.”

Judith slammed her soon-to-be-ex-husband, saying that the “no-nonsense, straight-talking” mayor was long gone, as he is now the unhinged presidential lawyer that we all cringe at on television. Judith said that Giuliani seems to be “dissembling, to put it kindly.”


Judith also spoke about her husband’s affair with hospital administrator Maria Rosa Ryan, which was one of the catalysts for their divorce. For the most part, Judith tried to shy away from talking about politics, except for when she was talking about the beginning of Giuliani’s fall from grace. She said:

It was an ongoing process that began when he lost the presidential campaign.”

We’ve all noticed that Giuliani has changed quite a bit since coming into Trump’s inner circle, and while many argue that Giuliani was always a bit crazy, no one was prepared for just how much he unraveled under the president’s watch. Judith’s testimony is merely confirmation that Trump has permanently changed him – for the worst.

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