Robert Mueller Just Ruined Trump’s Week With A New Subpoena In Russia Probe

Watch for tweetstorm in 3...2...

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How ridiculously high does the evidence go when it comes to interconnectedness in the ongoing Mueller Russia probe?

It almost depends on which branch of the evidence tree you decide to take a rest on as you’re climbing. The latest development involves the data firm whose name you’re no doubt familiar with after the massive scandal involving breaches and illegal sharing of Facebook data — Cambridge Analytica.

Another director of that company, Brittany Kaiser, has been subpoenaed in the special counsel investigation — and possibly elsewhere, according to her lawyers’ statements. Kaiser is the second CA employee to get a summons in the case. The first, of course, was Sam Patten, who we wrote about in our piece detailing his connection to the Trump Inaugural Committee, and the simultaneous connection by Mueller of Ivanka Trump’s own connections to the inaugural funds theft.


What we do know, however, is two very important things that Robert Mueller — maybe inadvertently, maybe not — connected for us through confirmations. First, that Patten illegally transferred foreign money to the Trump Inaugural Committee, by using straw purchasers and buying access for Konstantin Kilimnik — a name you remember from when he was indicted alongside Manafort for witness tampering last June.

Secondly, you know from the infamous ProPublica report that came out just weeks ago that Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, unethically paid a self-negotiated amount to the Trump Organization for services during the inauguration, using Inaugural Committee funds.”

However, Kaiser’s questioning marks the first time, according to the Guardian‘s reporting, that the Mueller probe has had an interest in a CA employee with direct connections to both the Trump campaign and the Brexit effort in the UK. Both Patten and Kaiser were also involved in an election scandal in Nigeria in 2015 that analysts say displayed “unsettling” parallels to the US election a year later.

There has already been plenty of speculation that many of the major players involved in Russia’s global interests in seeing certain leaders elected were also connected to the disinformation campaign the led to the fateful vote that would remove Britain from the European Union, and such speculation of course becomes global in its scope as the players are discovered having been involved in various elections around the world.

Chief among those players, of course, is WikiLeaks, the espionage specialists who assisted Roger Stone and Jerome Corsi here in the United States in the coordinated release of damaging information about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 presidential campaign.

As Mueller’s grasp of this conspiracy widens, the potential consequences for Donald Trump of getting into the proverbial bed with them become more and more dire.

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