Recently Resurfaced Video Appears To Show Trump Possibly Wearing A Wig As His Hair Flaps In The Wind

Who snatched his wig?

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Donald Trump is a petty, vain little man. He not only wants but expects everyone in the whole entire world to love, respect, and revere him — and he also wants you to think he’s pretty.

We’ve known since even before his days of campaigning that the man is more than a little wrapped up in his physical appearance. He’s been repeatedly caught lying about stupid things such as his weight and height — even being busted on his supposed vertical prosperity when his actual driver’s license started making the rounds. But that, of course, didn’t stop him from continuing to perpetuate the claim that he’s far taller than he really is. And yet he was still shorter than Justin Trudeau in a recent photograph, despite the fact that he regularly wears shoe lifts.

It’s pretty safe to say that his gag-inducing narcissism and his over-inflated ego come with a hefty helping of insecurities and a deep desire to be beloved on the side. Maybe it all stems from the fact that his mommy never really loved him?


But whatever the reason for Trump’s vanity may be, it seems to affect him the most when it comes to that puff of putrid cotton candy on top of his head that he tries to pass for hair.

Donald has a freaky thing going with his hair y’all — even going so far as to once reportedly demanding that he be cut out of an expensive cashmere sweater so as not to mess up his pristine hairdo.

Now it’s long been wondered as to whether that concoction on his head was his real hair or if the guy was toupée-ing it up.

However, a recently resurfaced video has now pretty well erased all doubt when it comes to that particular musing — as you can literally see that wig of his flopping around in the wind.

It’s pretty safe to say this dude’s vanity knows no bounds. But seriously, at least use better toupée glue, man.

Featured image via DC Tribune gallery 

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