NY Judge Tells Trump Supporters To Go F*ck Themselves, Allows Bar Owners Right To Refuse Service

Better think twice about where you wear that hat!

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When you support someone like Donald Trump, it says a lot about you, and almost none of it is good. For example, it says that you’re okay with sexually assaulting women, like Trump bragged about on the infamous Access Hollywood tape. It says you’re totally cool with racism, like the driving factor behind Trump’s monument to campaign promises, the border wall. Mostly, though, it says you’re not very smart or nice.

Fortunately for the rest of humanity, people like that are mostly prevented from being the kind of jerks they are toward others when it comes to serving people. You can’t turn away a customer for being a different color than you or because they’re a woman because those things are protected under anti-discrimination laws.

And fortunately for business owners (at least in New York), you can kick jerks like that out of your bar.


Trump fans across the country were furious about the decision from Manhattan Supreme Court Justice David Cohen when he ruled that political discrimination is not protected under the law and that therefore private establishments can boot you from the premises if they don’t like a certain red ball cap you might be wearing.

A lawsuit from an angry MAGA-clad guy named Greg Piatek prompted the decision: Piatek got bounced from The Happiest Hour, a West Village bar, just hours after Trump’s inauguration in January 2017 over his hat. He first decried the bar’s “discrimination” against him, but upon finding out it’s totally legal to discriminate against people in a private establishment for having shitty politics, he tried to change his argument to a “spiritual” one, claiming that his visit to the 9/11 Memorial just before heading to the bar counted as a quasi-religious experience.

Piatek, pictured here flashing the religious symbol for “I hate nonwhites.” Photo by Angel Chevrestt

Cohen wasn’t buying that nonsense, of course, and Piatek became little more than a warning to other Trumpers: Wearing that hat is basically a dare for people to call you stupid — and you can’t sue them when they do.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons

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