Nancy Pelosi Just Booted The Vice President Out Of His Office Space In Brilliant Move

Nancy Pelosi is cleaning house and she has no sympathy for Mike Pence.

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We knew from the start that Nancy Pelosi would be taking no prisoners — and office space is no exception. In a slick move, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken back some office space that was rightfully hers.

Her forerunner, Paul Ryan, had previously given a first-floor “bonus office” in the US Capitol to Vice President Mike Pence soon after Trump took office in 2017. Of course, Pence didn’t use the space often, as he tends to hang out on the Senate side of the fence, serving as the president of the US Senate — where he is historically holding an office as well.

But Pelosi is putting an end to Pence’s ability to play both sides of the field. Where a placard once hung above the door identifying the space as Mike Pence’s “House office,” there is only a clean, bare wall as House Speaker Pelosi quietly had the signage removed recently. And it has now been confirmed that the space will soon be reassigned.


A House Democratic aide stated that “Room assignments are reviewed and changed at the beginning of every Congress.” As Speaker of the House, Pelosi has sole authority when it comes to doling out the precious office space in the Capitol, and it seems like she has absolutely no time for Mike Pence to make his home in her House.

Instead, she’s rescinding the space that Pence held so close to his heart as a representation of the chummy relationship he once held with Paul Ryan and will be divvying the spaces out to White House legislative affairs teams that weren’t previously awarded the privileges under the GOP.

To say the least, it looks like Pelosi is cleaning house, and she wants the rats out. It’s pretty clear that she wants Pence well aware that there is no longer any warmth for him on the House side of the field.

Featured image via DC Tribune Gallery 

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