Melania Drops Everything, Heads To White House To Save Trump From Spiraling Out Of Control

This is nuts!

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It was clear from early on this morning that something was very wrong in the White House as Donald Trump spent Christmas Eve sending out some of the most ridiculous tweets we’ve seen in the last two years.

While this put the nation on high alert, one person was apparently very concerned by this — Trump’s own wife, First Lady Melania Trump. Melania was so worried that she abruptly left her husband’s Palm Beach Mar-a-Lago resort without her son Barron so that she could hop on a plane and race back to the White House before Trump melted down further. This happened pretty much right after Trump sent out a tweet, whining and sulking about how he was “all alone (poor me) in the White House.” Yes, those were Trump’s exact words. Needless to say, Melania boarded a C37A government plane quickly.

Trump’s “all alone” tweet came just 23 minutes before Melania ran onto the plan, which suggests that this tweet had either guilted her into spending time with her terrible husband, or the First Lady felt that someone needed to save Trump from himself. Or, and this might be wishful thinking, but perhaps Melania is finally heading to the White House to give Trump a piece of her mind and to tell him to stop humiliating her and the country. One can dream, right?

Trump is clearly depressed that he can’t be in Mar-a-Lago this year, as he and Melania were originally scheduled to spend 16 days at his resort for the holidays. However, his government shutdown over his beloved border wall messed all of that up, forcing the president to stay in Washington D.C.

Today has been an embarrassing one for America, just due to Trump’s tweets alone. Once again, another holiday has been ruined by the president.

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