McConnell Supports Don Jr. Subpoena In Closed Door Meeting, POTUS Will Be Furious

Hope he doesn't value his job.

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President Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. has been the subject of a lot of discussions lately as he’s currently under the microscope yet again after the Senate Intelligence Committee recently issued a subpoena for him in connection to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation.

Senator Richard Burr’s (R-N.C.) support of the subpoena caused a lot of backlash from his fellow Republicans, many of whom believe Mueller’s report should simply be ignored so they can all get on with ruining our country in peace. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell took to the Senate floor to declare the Mueller report “case closed.” However, Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney didn’t seem to agree that McConnell’s declaration applied to Donald’s namesake. Instead, he seems to believe that the “case closed” statement only pertained to the president himself. And after a closed-door GOP lunch, it appears that Senator Mitch McConnell may agree with Mulvaney — which we all know will send POTUS into an absolute tailspin.

According to a tweet from New York Times reporter Nicholas Fandos, McConnell actually voiced his support for the subpoenas issued by the Senate Intelligence Committee for Trump’s son and offered his support for Senator Richard Burr’s handling of the committee during the lunch with his fellow Republicans.


“In a close-doors [sic] GOP lunch, Burr walked through the backstory of the subpoena for Don Jr and defended his investigation’s work, per to people directly familiar,” Fandos’ Twitter post read. “McConnell also spoke up, the people said, offering his support for Mr. Burr and his handling of the committee.”

If Senator McConnell truly is supportive of the Intelligence Committee’s subpoena of Donald’s son, we can imagine it will only be a matter of time before his position is suddenly at stake. President Trump certainly is not known to take it well when he feels he’s been double-crossed.

Now we just wait and see if Junior even actually shows up to break the developing tradition of defying Congressional subpoenas by the Trump administration.

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