Lindsey Graham Loses It On Reporter For Pointing Out Damaging Facts During Mueller Presser

Lindsey Graham is unhinged!

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Senator Lindsey Graham used to be a major critic of Donald Trump, but he ended up becoming the president’s BFF last year and hasn’t looked back. Graham has spent an unhealthy amount of time since then defending the president and doing whatever he can take the attention off of his golf buddy — and he HATES when you point it out.

Graham is now working extra hard to help Trump seem more innocent but he recently lost it on reporters for pointing out that there is a very clear “conflict of interest” at play. During a press briefing focused on the conclusion of Robert Mueller’s report, Graham couldn’t hold back his anger when a reporter pointed out this conflict of interest. Bringing up the pro-Trump speech Graham delivered at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago during the weekend, the reporter asked:

Does that public closeness with the President at least give an appearance of conflict of interest, given your role?”

Graham pretty much flipped out. He said:


You’ve got to be kidding. Did anybody ever ask during the Clinton impeachment that a Democrat was conflicted on speaking out on behalf of the President? I am a elected political official. I am a Republican. I’m going all over the country to speak to the Republican Party. I want Trump to win. I’m chairman of the judiciary Committee. I do my job very responsibly.”

Reporters took him to task, noting that Graham had played golf with Trump. Graham responded by saying it was “absurd” to suggest that he wouldn’t do his job because of his bond with Trump and insisted he supported Mueller’s investigation. He said:

I stood by Mr. Mueller because I believe in the rule of law. There’s politics, and there’s the rule of law. So to suggest that if you’re a Republican, and that you want Trump to win, somehow you can’t do your job is absurd.”

Does anyone actually believe him? We sure don’t. You can watch Graham lose it below:

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