Insider Claims Melania Travels To NYC Twice A Month To Go “Shopping” At Taxpayer’s Expense

Oh, perfect. She's just like him.

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According to a report in the New York Post, America’s First Lady has a shopping habit that’s funded by taxpayers, taking her to the Big Apple every few weeks to try on clothes for her sister and solicit fashion advice.

Must be nice, right?

After realizing that high-end fashion designers had no intention of dressing her the way they have previous First Ladies — her last name being toxic to any brand, of course — Melania began arranging clothes dates with her sister Ines Knauss, who studied fashion and in fact moved to Milan when Melania was pretending to be a model in her life before The Donald.


The report from Richard Johnson of the Post says that an insider told the journalist about Melania’s novel approach to keeping herself in vogue:

Instead of having clothes delivered to the White House, Melania has designers and stylists send them to Trump Tower. Once or twice a month, the first lady quietly comes to New York, and has her sister come over to give advice as she tries on outfits.”

One has to wonder how involved Ines was in the choosing of Melania’s more controversial ensembles, including her “I Really Don’t Care, Do U” jacket that she wore to the Trump Concentration Camps at the southern border, the colonizer’s helmet she wore to Africa, or the jacket she chose on 9/11 with the seamline that looked like a plane flying into a tower.

Regardless, the costs of maintaining a routine like that, while a pittance in comparison with Trump’s golf outings, have got to be ridiculous for a non-essential trip that happens regularly. That, however, was not what a Trump spokeswoman seemed to be concerned with Americans finding out when she gave Johnson a statement for his article:

Mrs. Trump and her sister are very close, but she is not who helps her with styling her wardrobe. At the end of the day, it is Mrs. Trump who decides what she will wear.”

Well, thanks for clearing up that invaluable piece of information. We will definitely all sleep better knowing that Melania’s wasting taxpayer money on trips that actually serve no purpose whatsoever.

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