Fox News Appears To Try And Smear Hillary Clinton, Accidentally Airs Tweet From Prank Account On Live TV

Oooo... That's gotta be embarrassing!

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Fox News Network really wants people to stop being so mean to their dictator-in-chief, Donald Trump. It doesn’t matter that he’s finally on the fast track to impeachment thanks to a shady call with Ukraine where he, once again, attempted to get a foreign government to interfere in this nation’s elections. It doesn’t even seem to matter that he’s continuing to do the same damn thing publicly (i.e. his public call on China from the White House lawn to investigate the Bidens) even though he’s about to lose everything because of it.

They just want you to stop saying bad things about him, k?

And what’s their favorite way to do that? Hillary Clinton.


Between Trump himself and his beloved, state-run Fox News Network, Hillary’s name has been all over the headlines once again, despite the fact that she literally has absolutely nothing to do with the impending presidential election.

But in their haste to make Hillary look like the bad guy and return Trump to his crumbling pedestal among the Republican citizens of this country, Fox News made a pretty big and rather embarrassing whoopsie.

This morning, Fox aired a tweet on live television that was meant to condemn Trump’s former political opponent. However, it seems that whoever was supposed to check this nonsense before it aired was sleeping on the job today — as the tweet condemning Clinton came from a prank account named “Hugh Janus,” which, if said out loud sounds just like “huge anus.”

“She so desperately wants to run again but she wants America to beg her,” the tweet from an anti-Hillary bot displayed by the network read. “That’s not happening.”

Media Matters’ Natalie Martinez caught the hilarious mistake and took to her own Twitter account to offer the network some sound advice.

“1. Don’t amplify accounts with clearly spammy handle names,” she wrote in her post. “2. Maybe read the screen name aloud before you broadcast it to the world.”

Who knew Fox could look like an even bigger “Hugh Janus” than they already did?

Featured image via screen capture

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