Fifth Graders Send Trump A Brutal Thanksgiving Message In “School Play,” This Is Amazing

You won't be able to stop laughing.

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Donald Trump basically ruins every holiday without even trying — and we expect him to at this point in his disgraced presidency. Not even two years into his time in the White House, the President of the United States has managed to f*ck up every holiday and major event, and it’s now so predictable that it’s a running joke that even the kids can get in on.

Last night, late-night TV comedian Jimmy Kimmel got a bunch of fifth graders to perform a “school play” before Thanksgiving, updating American history to reflect Trump’s values — turning the holiday into Trumpsiving. Introducing the play before Thanksgiving festivities, Kimmel said:

Over the last 400 or so years, the story of Thanksgiving hasn’t changed much. We learn it in school and it’s fine, but this year we wanted to spice it up.”

What happened next was comedic genius. “The First Trumpsgiving” unfolds with pilgrim Trump arriving in the New World (with Melania) in a private yacht “The Mayflower,” and instantly deciding where he would put a golf course — and of course his precious wall. They could not have cast a better kid to play the role of Trump, because the accent and mannerisms are perfect!


Throughout the play, there are so many perfect references from Trump’s previous f*ck ups and mistakes, such as Trump talking about the caravan, “bad hombres,” referring to Pocahontas as Elizabeth Warren, coupled by a horrendous appearance by Trump’s sons Donald Jr. and Eric. Predictably, a “wall of cornbread” ruins the Thanksgiving feast, making reference to Trump’s horrific border wall:


And when Trump’s sons fail to bring the turkey and Thanksgiving is ruined, KFC saves the day by emphasizing that its bite-sized pieces are perfect for Trump’s “tiny fingers.”

The play is absolutely epic and the kids did a great job. You can watch the whole thing below:

Featured image via screen capture

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