Cindy McCain Breaks Silence On Her Husband’s Feelings Towards Trump, This Will Destroy The GOP

McCain's wife has spoken — and now Trump definitely wishes she didn't.

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Donald Trump disrespects essentially everyone, all the time. It’s part of his entire ethos. Even his own family isn’t safe from his sharp tongue.

But most of America has gotten used to it — those who adore him love him even more for it, and the rest of us have learned to simply tune it out. For some people, however, it’s too much to just tune out. That’s why we can’t get over this response to one of the most disgusting times he’s ever done something like this.

The way Donald Trump disrespected late Senator John McCain in his final weeks and even after his death will never be forgotten. In the days after McCain passed, the president was furiously bashed for not keeping the American flag at half-staff and for refusing to recognize McCain as the “hero” he was. And yet, some Republicans actually have it in them to wish that Trump had a second chance.


Recently, Senator Lindsey Graham — who has somehow turned into Trump’s new BBF and golf buddy despite previous criticism of the unhinged POTUS — actually suggested that if McCain had gotten more time with Trump, he might have actually grown to like him. Yes, Graham is actually saying that about the most narcissistic, least likable person on the planet. Graham’s exact words were:

I regret that (McCain) didn’t have more time with President Trump. Who knows what would have happened over time?”

Well, Cindy McCain, the late Senator’s wife, knows for sure that things would not have gone differently regardless of how much time her husband spent with Trump. In an interview with TMZ, Cindy set the record straight and shot down Graham’s suggestion that McCain and Trump could have somehow been fond of each other. While walking through Reagan National Airport, Cindy made it perfectly clear that her husband was at peace with his actions and wouldn’t have wanted things to be any other way.

That’s quite a powerful statement, especially when you consider that McCain took one final shot at Trump before his death, when he purposefully banned the president from his funeral. Shame on Graham and any Republican who tries to reframe Trump’s relationship with McCain – the president disrespected an American hero too many times, and does not deserve a second chance. You can watch Cindy’s interview below:

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