Body Language Expert Analyzes Infamous Photo Of White House Meeting And It Doesn’t Work Out In Trump’s Favor

Bet he's wishing he never released that photo!

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As we’re all well aware by this point, Trump was supposed to have sat down with House Democrats for a White House meeting last week to discuss ways to move forward and save the lives of our allies, the Kurds, after the huge mess of Trump’s own making went down in Syria.

However, the meeting was cut extremely short after Donald had what House Speaker Pelosi described as a “meltdown” during the gathering, essentially because he wasn’t getting what he wanted out of the ordeal and he was coming to realize that even his own Republican supporters were turning their backs against him amid such a blatant and cruel betrayal.

Of course, Trump and members of his administration quickly attempted to twist the narrative and make it look and sound as though the dissolution of the meeting was all at the fault of the House Speaker rather than the president being a crybaby.


Donald himself even went so far as to release a now-infamous photo from inside the White House meeting, depicting Nancy Pelosi standing up and point her finger towards a rather petulant looking Trump. He intended to make it look at though Nancy was the one having a “meltdown.” However, all it did was show him getting absolutely owned by one badass, powerful woman.

Now body language expert Dr. Jack Brown has taken to his Twitter account and given his own professional analysis of the viral photo and what exactly it means.

“When a person has little or no empathy — and/or when they’re far from their emotional baseline, their ability to interpret how others will view an event becomes dramatically distorted,” Brown explained on his Twitter account. “Rarely has this behavioral axiom been better exemplified than last Wednesday at the White House.”

He continued by explaining that the “collective body language was profoundly telling” but certainly not in the manner that Donald was going for.

“Notice President Trump’s orientation to both Speaker Pelosi and the table. Both his chair and Trump’s torso are leaning away from Pelosi. For him, this configuration is highly unusual,” he captioned a zoomed-in photo of Trump. “Trump’s almost always leaning forward — whether he’s seated or standing. Moreover, the President’s hands are hidden beneath the table. This too is not at all Trump’s normal behavior. When he’s seated at table or a desk, his hands are most often on its surface — otherwise, they’re folded across his chest. What we see here is rare for Trump.”

“Nancy Pelosi is pointing with her most powerful finger (the index finger aka forefinger) on her dominant hand. Her arm is moderately extended — again, over the table,” he went on to say about the House Speaker. “The remainder of her fingers and her thumb are retracted (amplifying the finger’s power). Pelosi is pointing just over the head of President Trump, seated directly across the table from her. Pelosi’s eyebrows and her forehead are elevated.”

The entire thread is full of professional proof that Donald Trump did little more than get his ass handed to him in that infamous White House meeting. And we’re here for it.

You can read the full Twitter thread of Dr. Jack Brown’s analysis here, complete with his findings on Steve Mnuchin and House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

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